Blackberry Upgrade

I have a Backberry Curve and the syncing of the calendar etc had been freezing around 75% of the time in recent weeks. Finally got frustrated enough to try fixing it, and figured an upgrade of the Desktop Manager Software would be worth trying.

The automatic upgrade insisted that I had more recent software than the upgrade. The software was dated 2007 though so I instead went to the Blackberry site and just downloaded the latest full desktop manager package. It was surprisingly large at over 300 MB.

Anyway after an hour or so, all done and it certainly did fix the sync problem. But that is not all it did.

It has also upgraded the Blackberry Curve massively. It now seems to work like a Blackberry Bold. Previously e-mails would display in plain text, but now they appear perfectly formatted.

The Blackberry also now has a video function. Yes I can now shoot video and e-mail it. And it never previously had icons to do that.

Almost every aspect of the Blackberry has been upgraded. And all I was wanting was for the syncing to work more smoothly. Very happy.

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