Bye Bye Blackberry

I’ve had a for around six years. It was great with the no cost Blackberry Messenger, the secure e-mails through Blackberry servers, and the normal smartphone functions. I got to experience why it was also known as the crackberry as it was highly addictive.

But sadly the time has come to say bye bye to my Blackberry. I have a Blackberry Bold, and it is less than three years old but it just craps out so much. Almost every day, after a few hours use, it starts to freeze up. At first for a few seconds, then for minutes then indefinitely. The only way to fix it is to remove and replace the battery. This is bad enough, but doing so suddenly drains the battery to near empty, and your phone then dies for the rest of the day unless you have a charger.

A number of other Blackberry users say they experience this also, so it seems to be a design fault. Even worse if someone calls you while your blackberry is having a pause, the phone never rings. Or it does ring but stops you being able to answer the call. I figure more calls are being blocked than getting through.

So this week I plan to buy a new smartphone. My intention is to get an 4s. I would like to wait for the iPhone 5, but Apple have not announced a date yet and even another three months of my Blackberry will send me mad.

The reason I am looking at the iPhone 4s is partly the features, but also partly that I have a iPad and iPod so easy to synchronise data and applications between all my devices.

However welcome thoughts from readers as to what they recommend. Does someone want to make a case for upgrading to the latest Blackberry or perhaps to get an Android?  Or should I join the 102 million people who have purchased an iPhone in the last year?

And if anyone has secret info that in fact the iPhone 5 is going to be released in the next month, let me know and I’ll suffer and delay my purchase.

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