Backbenches Easter Trading Special

Tonight’s will debate our archaic and inconsistent easter trading laws where shops in some areas can open, but not others. And you are not allowed to earn money on Easter Sunday (which is not a public holiday) but can on Easter Monday (which is a public holiday).

The MPs are:

  • Todd McClay – National, Rotorua
  • Steve Chadwick – Labour, ex Rotorua
  • John Boscawen, ACT
  • Sue Bradford, Greens

Also appearing are:

  • Charles Finny, Wgtn Chamber of Commerce
  • David Kiddey, Hutt Chamber of Commerce
  • Andrew Little, EPMU National Secretary
  • Melanie Sergent, Powerhouse Community Church Minister
  • Michael Smith, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand (do gooding doolies)

As usual screens on TVNZ7 just after 9 pm, or watch live at the Backbencher.

Easter Trading debates always amuse me as you get an unholy coalition of the religious right and the union left, combining forces to stop employees from being able to earn extra money.

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