MPs Twittering

Someone on asked me for a list of all the MPs who are on Twitter, and this story on the PM joining Twitter has reminded me to do so, so I have gone through and compiled it as best as I can. If I have missed any out, let me know in comments. Some of the accounts are parodies, and some look like parodies but actually are real! Most are real. – Catherine Delahunty – Iain Lees Galloway – Metiria Turia – Jeanette Fitzsimons – Sube Bradford – Sue Kedgley

Also for those who want it, my two Twitter accounts are: – my personal twitters – a feed from Kiwiblog

Can I also recommend Tweetdeck as an excellent way to follow Twitter (much better than via website) and Tweetberry as a great plugin for the Blackberry.

UPDATE: Also have Aaron Gilmore –

Also added Chris Hipkins –

And Clare Curran –

And Keith Locke –

And Hone Harawira –

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