$1,000 of free electricity

A reminder that has one more draw for $1,000 of free electricity, if you become a Powershop Pioneer by the 31st of May.

All you have to do is:

provide feedback on the service to improve it. Powershop want’s after meaningful feedback (good or bad) and values the opinion of users of New Zealand’s most innovative online communities.

When you become a Powershop Pioneer each Comment you make on the Scoop Powershop Pioneer’s blog will earn you an additional chance to win Free Powershop power for winter ($1000 credit to your Powershop account to buy Powershop electricity products).

I’m an online geek, but I just love being able to log in to my power account every week or so, check how much power I have left, and decide how much more to buy at what price.

And the absence of fixed line charges has seriously reduced my bill as I am a low poer user.

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