I’ve blogged several times how much I enjoy having Powershop as my electricity supplier. Not just because they don’t turn the lights off if I accidentally pay late, but the fact my usage and costs have become so transparent to me.

The Herald reports:

Disgruntled consumers are increasingly likely to dump their power company.

A Consumer survey of 13,000 members in September showed they were less tolerant of poor service, with 14.3 per cent stating they had switched suppliers during the past 12 months, compared to 6.8 per cent in 2005.

Two small companies, and Energy Direct NZ, were most popular.

Powershop, which allows consumers to buy blocks of electricity from different suppliers online, was rated good or very good by 92 per cent of customers.

Energy Direct NZ was second with an 82 per cent rating.

Good to see it is not just me who is a fan.

My average bill for the year has just dipped below $50 a month. I used to pay almost that much in fixed charges I reckon.

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