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  1. Conservative Home blogs a UK poll that has Labour at 20%, and even lower at 17% for European elections – equal to the UK Independence Party.
  2. Lew blogs at Kiwi Politico that he left should stop treating the Maori Party as their enemy.
  3. Aaron Bhatnagar blogs that the $20,000 limit for contracts that can be signed without approval from the Transition Authority is a bit low. agree $100,000 or so would be more sensible.
  4. Adam Smith has discovered the Obameter – tracking Obama’s campaign promises. To date of the 500 promises 29 have been implemented, seven compromised, six broken, seven stalled, 63 underway and 404 yet to start. We should have such a tool here.
  5. Eric Crampton is impressed that Wolfram Alpha knows the answer to “What is the meaning of life” is 42. I’m not surprised – after all geeks programmed it!
  6. No Right Turn supports a bill drafted by Charles Chauvel, in Lianne Dalziel’s name, that will end provocation as a defence. After the McNee case, also support it ending.
  7. Farmgirl responds to the Mike King piece on sow crating, and says pig farmers don’t like doing it, but it is the only way to compete with overseas farmers who do.
  8. Iain Dale blogs a sign seen in a window in a Notting hill store – “No more than one Member of in shop at any given time. — The Management.” – Heh love it.

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