Blog Bits

  1. Nandor Tancos says Keith Locke’s Head of State bill should go to a select committee to generate debate, but does not want it passed without an exploration of wider constitutional issues.
  2. Bryce Edwards has a comprehensive piece on the splintering of the Greens, and how the Greens have become more centrist with their mission being to “save capitalism” as Russel Norman put it.
  3. Tim Watkin blogs on the significance of what US Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Campbell said on Q&A. The media all missed that he effectively said Obama will announce his position on trade at APEC.
  4. Cactus Kate has fun at my expense.
  5. Liberty Scott blogs on how Geert Wilders was greeted in the UK with chants of “burn in hell”, “Sharia for UK” and a banner saying “Sharia is the solution, freedom go to hell”.
  6. Busted Blonde is abused by Bob Jones.
  7. Whale Oil finds look a like logos for Telecom.
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