Blog Bits

  1. The Dim-Post blogs on how the Greens always resort to state coercion to any problem.
  2. Boingboing blogs on how the UAE is considering legislation that will make it a to publish anything that would harm the economy.
  3. Tumeke has a montage of all the blacked out sites yesterday.
  4. Bill Ralston blogs on how TVNZ had 80+ “leaders” and that is where budget cuts should be made.
  5. Steven Price criticises the Bill of Rights process, for not flagging S92A of the Copyright Act.
  6. Gordon Campbell at Scoop gives good insights into the Greens leadership.
  7. Roar Prawn calls for Mark Soloman to go as Head of Ngai Tahu, after the sacking of Wally Stone.
  8. Cactus Kate is not impressed with Air NZ’s Business Premier class.

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