Brash welcomes review

The Herald reports:

Former National Party leader has welcomed a high-level review of the investigation into how his private emails ended up in a book. …

Commissioner Broad said continued questioning of the police role could undermine public trust and confidence in the force.

He ordered a full review of the case, including the recent release of the highly edited file, to be conducted by Assistant Commissioner Steve Shortland of Auckland, with an independent adviser working alongside him. …

Dr Brash said he was happy with the steps being taken.

“I am very pleased at the police commissioner’s reaction,” he said.

“One of my major concerns was that the way the investigation was initially conducted suggested either incompetence or political bias and I think that’s dangerous for the police and not good for the country.”

Dr Brash said the senior appointment backed by the independent adviser to review the case went a “very long way towards satisfying my concerns”.

He was prepared to stop pressing for a commission – for now. He said the independent observer needed to be politically neutral and independent.

It will be interesting to see who is appointed.

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