Health Targets

The ODT reports that has set just six targets for DHBs (I presume on top of don’t run out of money). They are:

  1. cut emergency department waiting times so 95% treated within six hours
  2. deliver faster treatment for cancer patients – all those needing radiation treatment to get it within six weeks by July 2010 and within four weeks by Dec 2010
  3. carry out more elective surgery – an extra 4,000 operations per year
  4. more immunisations – 85% immunised by July 2010, 90% July 2011 and 95% July 2012
  5. better help fro smokers to quit – 95% of smokers in hospital to be given advice and help to quit
  6. better diabetes services

What were the targets from the previous Government:

  1. 13 priorities
  2. 61 objectives
  3. additional subset of 13 health objectives
  4. 10 health targets measured through 18 indicators
  5. 25 other indicators of DHB performance
  6. 4 hospital benchmark indicators assessed through 15 measures
  7. an outcomes framework with 9 outcomes, measured against 39 headline indicators

Sounds like doctors may have more time to see patients and be spending less time reporting on priorities, objectives, indicators and outcomes. Also sounds like we may have a few less administrators.

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