One for the Crusher

The Press reports:

Tough new laws allowing boy racers’ cars to be seized and even crushed for “cruising” city streets are likely to be in force by the end of the year.

Police Minister warned that “every new offence (for street racing) will bring them closer to the crusher”.

Judith got her law!

Yesterday, police welcomed the Government’s move to target illegal street racing, saying two bills introduced to Parliament yesterday would make a “significant difference”.

Under the proposals, authorities will have more power to seize and, as a last resort, crush the cars of boy racers on their third street-racing offence within four years.

Doubt it will result in many cars being crushed but it may have a deterrent value – especially after a second offence.

About 100 crashes a year are attributed to illegal street racing, and the Government says the activity is responsible for an average 10 deaths per year.

Another 46 people are seriously injured by street racing, with a further 125 minor injuries. The social cost of the crashes is estimated at $30 million a year.

That is more than a minor nuisance.

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