Massacre in Mt Albert

As TV One ran the headline last night “Massacre in ”, someone quipped that David Bain had moved into the electorate 🙂

Instead it was of course a poll result for the by-election, and the headline wasn’t hyperbole.

Full poll results are at Curiablog.

David Shearer is polling at the same level Helen Clark got in 2008 – 59%. He will be pleased with that. Melissa Lee is at 21% – 8% below the 2008 result. Russel Norman at 15% has improved by 95% on their 2008 result, and John Boscawen at 3% is just 1% off ACT’s 2008 candidate vote in Mt Albert.

They also asked a party vote question. Labour are up 5% from 2008, and National up 1%. I would be careful about reading too much into that, as the latest Roy Morgan has Labour down 3% and National up 7% from the election. However that poll, while partly post-budget was pre-Worth.

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