Go Helen Go

Newshub reports:

Mt Albert MP Helen White says she is “proud” of her election result despite keeping the historic Labour stronghold with the slimmest of margins.   

On the preliminary results, White has reduced Labour’s almost 20,000 vote margin from the last election to just 103.    

Newshub Political Editor Jenna Lynch said on election night that White “should be ashamed of herself” about that result.   

On Tuesday, Newshub asked White whether she was embarrassed about almost losing the Mt Albert seat.   

“No, I’m really, really proud of my result,” White responded.   

Newshub followed up by asking how she had done so badly.   

“What a ridiculous question, I didn’t do badly. I did really, really well and if you look at the stats you’ll see that.”   

I think it its obvious who should take over from Chris Hipkins as Labour Leader – Helen White. With her pride in taking the safest seat in the country to almost the most marginal, she would be perfect to preside over Kiwibuild Mark II and Auckland Light Rail Mark VI.

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