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  1. MacDoctor laughs at Jetstar blaming their bad press on Air New Zealand. I agree with MacDoctor that the wounds seem to be all self inflicted. Their attitude seems to have been the opposite of Ansett when they first started in NZ – which was to go overboard to make customers feel valued.
  2. Matthew Flannagan examines the claims that the Bible teaches that a rape victim has to marry her rapist, and does a very good rebuttal of the claim.
  3. Gonzo blogs that the first series of Mr Gormsby is now available at NZ on Screen. Great.
  4. Whale Oil blogs that Pearl Going has tried to involve the Police with regards to her claims of defamatory statements on websites about her. If correct, this is disturbing behaviour. One should not be using the Police to try and silence criticism of you. If the criticism is false there are civil remedies available.

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