Worth complaint withdrawn

NZPA report:

The Korean businesswoman who laid a complaint against former MP and government minister has dropped the matter and the police have decided not to take a case against him, it was reported tonight.

As widely predicted. Richard and his family will be very relieved. Losing your job is nothing compared to the possiility of losing your liberty.

TV3 News reported tonight it had been informed by a source close to the Korean woman that she had dropped her complaint.

“She feels the political fallout around Richard Worth has been sufficient and going through the courts would have been an additional ordeal that would have gained little,” TV3 said.

It also reported police had told the woman there was not enough evidence to take a case against Dr Worth, and that was another reason why she was dropping her complaint.

The Police saying there is no evidence, is a good reason to drop the complaint.

TV3 reported the woman sent an email to Prime Minister John Key giving her account of what happened at the hotel.

“It talks about how they were drinking wine, she was tired and went to bed, and was woken by a naked Richard Worth,” TV3 said.

“It goes on to detail what happened after that.”

Not a good look, regardless of legality.

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