The drive from hell

I had the drive from hell yesterday from Boston to Cape Cod.

Normally I love driving, and can’t get enough of it, but my God this was challenging stuff for a number of reasons:

  1. My first time driving on the right hand side for around four years
  2. A (large) new rental car never driven before, and it takes a while to get used to a new car
  3. A route I had never driven before, with only GPS to guide me
  4. A shitload of traffic weaving in and out
  5. But most of all torrential rain and thunderstorm like you won’t believe

At times visibility was barely a couple of dozen metres as the rain was so thick. And the four lane I-395 got flooded in parts. Sudden aquaplaning is not enjoyable.

I had a ferry booking also to make. Now I was not going to put making the ferry above driving safely, but it did mean a level of stress, in that if you were delayed for too long, then there would be considerable consequences and hassle.

Eventually made it – 90 miles in two and a half hours which is around twice as long as it would normally take, but really I don’t think I have ever had such bad conditions – the only thing missing was hail.

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