Acting Prime Minister Tony Ryall

Five words that not even Tony probably thought might go together. NZPA has a fun article on his short reign:

Acting Prime Minister celebrated his temporary promotion today with one of his infamous fashion ensembles — a black and white striped shirt with a clashing pink tie daubed with multi-coloured spots.

Can’t Kara do something about these?

Mr Ryall formally took over the reins of the country this afternoon when Deputy Prime Minister Bill English left for Australia to join three other colleagues more senior than Mr Ryall.

It is believed the first time someone ranked as low as five in cabinet has made it to the position of acting prime minister.

Unfortunate they all had to be in Australia to attend the rugby very very important trans-Tasman Ministerial Council meetings.

Mr Ryall will be tailed by diplomatic protection squad officers until Saturday evening, when Mr English returns to New Zealand.

Hmmn if Tony was shot, who would be Acting Prime Minister? It would be Nick Smith. Nick could do with DPS protection to handle the unruly locals in Nelson.

They will have to accompany him to a fund-raising event in his Bay of Plenty electorate, which he gleefully told party members was being hosted by the acting prime minister.

Mr Ryall has joked that, from next week, he would like to be referred to as the former acting prime minister.

That would mean more if Winston didn’t have the same title 🙂

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