For the record

The post on abortion as a measure was not meant to be funny. I wrote it before I left actually, and set it on time delay.

It was using satire to make a point. A political party in Parliament has seriously proposed that the appropriate response to the challenge of climate change is to reduce the national dairy herd by 20%.

If people are seriously going to propose policies such as reducing the national dairy herd by 20%, then they should expect a robust response. To be blunt their policies and claims do not get enough scrutiny as it is, so I don’t regret for one second that post.

And for those who get all yucky because it mentioned abortion, I’ll point out this post by a Labour MP basically stating John Key is responsible for increased abortions due to the folic acid in bread decision. And that was a serious post, not even satire.

Anyway this is my first political post while on holiday. The others were all time delayed. Back to holiday blogging.

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