Invest in the polls

iPredict has six new stocks – polling stocks. And every fortnight they will pay out and new ones occur. Basically you can now invest in what you think the next poll will say for National and Labour. The stocks are:

  1. National to fall
  2. National to not change
  3. National to rise
  4. Labour to fall
  5. Labour to not change
  6. Labour to rise

The current stocks are for what the Roy Morgan for the period 17 to 30 August will do in comparison to the results for the previous period of 2 to 16 August.  Normally I would expect the poll to 30 August results to come out late Friday, so you have four days to invest – and hopefully make a return.

So if you have a view about how National or how Labour has done in the last fortnight – you can now put your money where your mouth is.

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