Mobile Competition

I’m one of those with two – one on Telecom and one on Vodafone.  I have to say I have not found a huge variation in pricing between them, so it is good to have a third mobile phone company in the market.

Costs start at 22 cents per minute to call another customer, rising to 44 cents to call other mobiles, local landlines and a selection of international countries for the totally prepay offer.

Telecommunications Users Association head Ernie Newman said the prices were lower than he had anticipated.

“They certainly bear out what our organisation has been saying which is that New Zealanders have been paying absolutely over-the-top [prices] for mobile phones for a decade or more,” he said.

I was surprised when I was overseas that I can call New Zealand numbers cheaper from overseas that I can from my mobile in NZ.

I’ll be interested to hear from anyone who takes up with 2degrees, how they find it. Also will be interesting to see if Telecom and Vodafone change their pricing options in response to the new competitor.

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