The next Labour Leader

TV3 polled on who should replace as Leader. Now I think Goff is safe until the election, but TV3 found:

  1. 23.0% don’t care or know
  2. 21.3% said no-one
  3. 15.5% Annette King
  4. 14.8% David Cunliffe
  5. 7.6% Shane Jones
  6. 7.3% Laila Harre
  7. 3.7% Andrew Little

I think Andrew is most likely to take over after 2011.

They also report:

In a bombshell, former Labour MP Dover Samuels says that Mr Goff and his deputy should go.

“My message to the leadership, to Phil and Annette, is it’s time to step aside,” Mr Samuels says. “The retreads of yesterday have gone past their use-by date.” …

Mr Samuels it is not only Mr Goff and Ms King causing problems, he says people like Trevor Mallard and Pete Hodgson are to blame too.

What is interesting about this, is Samuels is from the right of Labour – as is Goff and King. This is not some partisan call.

And as I have blogged previously, Goff’s longevity has now become a negative in my opinion. I just find it hard to imagine the New Zealand public will vote in as Prime Minister of the sixth Labour Government a man who entered Parliament during the third National Government.

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