Top Ten things about being the Prime Minister of New Zealand

NZPA report:

Prime Minister is going to sell New Zealand to the worldwide tourism market when he appears on a top US television show next month.

Mr Key is booked for the Late Show with while he is in New York to speak at the United Nations.

He has a guest appearance on the show’s cheeky “” slot.

“It’s an opportunity to promote New Zealand, it’s gold when it comes to New Zealand from a tourism point of view,” Mr Key said today.

“This is a show that millions of people watch worldwide, it really is a magnificent opportunity.”

I love Letterman so this will be good watching.

I’m not sure whether Key will get to write his own top ten, or if the Late Show writers will provide the script, but in case either of them are looking for inspiration feel free to leave your suggestions below for possible inclusion on the top ten list. I’m guessing the topic will be something like “Top Ten things about being the Prime Minister of New Zealand”.

Just two rules:

  1. This is for a US audience, so stuff about local issues won’t work
  2. They are meant to be funny

The archive of previous top tens is here.

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