Damien most feared name

Damien was actually my nickname amongst some of my friends at school.

Reuters reports on the ten most feared :

1) Damien
2) Myra
3) Carrie
4) Rosemary
5) Judas
6) Adolf
7) Pandora
8) Regan
9) Samara
10) Boris

Myra is obviously about serial killer Myra Hindley. Carrie from the film of the same name and Rosemary from Rosemary’s Baby.

Judas needs no explanation, neother does Adolf or Pandora I would hope.

Regan stumped me for a second but that is the name of the character played by Linda Blair in the Exorcist. I rate the Exorcist as the most scary movie I’ve seen.

Samara is from the Ring, and Boris I presume is a reference to Boris Karloff not Boris Johnson!

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