Mallard on Finlayson

At , there is a blog post saying:

Wilkinson wasn't in the House today so Finlayson answered. I don't know what the Chief Justice saw in him. He is [deleted after careful consideration – Clare]

Now when will Labour learn about Google and the . I would have through the Mussolini debacle was lesson enough, but no. Here is what Google records Trevor as originally saying:

I don't know what the Chief Justice saw in him. He is a nasty sarcastic man – so twisted that if he ate nails he would pass screws

What a wonderful reminder of the old Trevor, and the last Labour Government. Anyone recall “cancerous and corrosive”?

I mean this is what one of Labours most senior MPs think is appropriate to write on their parliamentary blog, about an opponent. The vitriol just drips.

Also featuring on the Labour blog, is this comment by a Jennifer:

By the way, I also was somewhat shocked to see the ‘mean and nasty' side of Tinkerbell.

Now I of all people don't believe a blog owner is responsible for comments made on their blog. But there is more to this, than meets the eye. You see Labour MPs – especially Trevor Mallard – yell out Tinkerbell at the Attorney- constantly in the House. So Jennifer is just following the lead of her caucus.

Now I think everyone knows Chris is . He doesn't make a big fuss about it, it is just the way things are. But Labour seem obsessed with the fact an openly gay politician is a front bench National Minister. The so called party of tolerance and equality call him Tinkerbell. Maybe Labour would like to show some balls, and point out to their own Caucus why this is a bad and stupid thing to do.

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