The irony

At 11.33 am Trevor Mallard posts that National MP removed a web poll from her site, because 85% of respondents had voted against national standards.

He said:

Talk about dishonest. Goebbels would be proud of her attempt to rewrite history.

The irony and hypocrisy is wonderful as at 11.57 am made another post on called “A big group that will be worse off following the tax cuts”. In it Trevor rails against removing the depreciation write off on rental properties, claiming it will push rental prices up by $60 a week.

And you know what, that post has disappeared off Red Alert a few minutes later. To use Trevor’s language, in a fashion Goebbels would be proud of.

So how stupid do you have to be to do a post bagging someone else for deleting something off their site, and then just minutes later do the same thing yourself.

Now of course it was stupid for Katrina (or whomever did it) to remove the web poll. No one should take them seriously anyway.

This is not the first Goebbels type editing done on Red Alert. on 2 February I highlighted a Trevor post that disappeared, and back on 29 October, a censored post where they tried to cover up that Trevor referred to Chris Finlayson as:

I don’t know what the Chief Justice saw in him. He is a nasty sarcastic man – so twisted that if he ate nails he would pass screws

So we are up to the third strike for Trevor and trying to rewrite online history. So the irony and hypocrisy of Trevor ripping into Katrina Shanks is immense.

I wonder how long we will wait for Trevor’s latest deleted post to reappear, and have it blamed on a technical glitch.

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