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The Herald reports:

Church supporters parted with tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege of watching 700 worshippers swear an oath of allegiance to leader Bishop .

Church officials have confirmed “several thousand” people paid $30 each to attend the ceremony, with a $60 concession for family groups.

But costs didn’t stop at the door. Oath takers paid $295 – plus a $5 administration fee – for the ring symbolising their loyalty to Bishop Tamaki. Some were given the option of paying the ring off over time.

My personal theory is that Tamaki is just a cunning businessman, who is using religion to make stacks of money. I mean $90,000 from the spectators and $210,000 from the oath takers is a sweet $300,000.

If he wasn’t selling God, he’d be promoting PONZI schemes or Scientology, or spamming viagra pills.

He likened the covenant’s provisions of non-disagreement with the way Prime Minister John Key would view party members espousing different views from the party line.

Ummm what a ridicolous comment. First of all there is no swearing an oath of loyalty to the Leader of a political party, let alone a detailed book instructing you to never disagree with the Leader in public.

More importantly party members express views different to the party line all the time. Hell I do it every week.


A timely cartoon from Blunt.

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