The wonderful world of Peter Zohrab

I’ve never met , but most people online in the 90s would have seen his posts on Usenet about the feminazis. Anyway, at the weekend I happened to be searching the NZPA database on my name (looking for an old article) and I saw an article with a quote about how I should be convicted for my comments re Clayton Weatherston.

I thought I would recall such an article, so I opened it, and it turns out it was a press release (NZPA carry them if you pay for it) from a “PeterDouglas” which I am sure is abbreviated from Peter Douglas Zohrab.

I enjoyed his press release so much, I just had to share it.  The amazing thing is he turns up to select committees also, and uses much the same language. Extracts:

The female-dominated professions of Psychology ( ) , Law ( ) , and Journalism ( ) have generally very low standards of intelligence and non-existent standards of political objectivity. This no doubt results from being dominated by women who are more interested in people than in ideas, and who see a clitoro-centric universe as their Feminist birthright.

A clitoro-centric universe!

Now, this Associate Professor of the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context finds it “hard to imagine” why a man would not act like a robot in an extremely stressful immediate context, which itself was the culmination of an extremely stressful ongoing context.

This just reinforces my impression (from long and varied experience of them) that Western universities ( ) are little more than instruments for the fulfilment of Lesbian Feminist fantasies. It is impossible for men to do well in universities, when competence in man-hating is a prerequiste for achievement and promotion. Universities should all be abolished, the staff sacked, and the education system rethought from square one.

I’m curious as to what is a lesbian feminist fantasy, and you subscribe to it on Sky?

Michael Laws is an honorary girl. Of course, he is — otherwise the female-dominated media wouldn’t allow him to have a newspaper column.

Of course that is the reason!

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