Blog Bits

  1. Scrubone blogs that the Obama Administration have now actively tried to ban Fox News reporters from a press poll interview. Who would have thought Muldoon’s tactics against Tom Scott would be emulated by the US Democratic Party.
  2. Whale Oil blogs a 2008 invitation to a fund-raising dinner with a Labour Cabinet Minister, and highlights their hypocrisy in attacking ACT for doing the same thing.
  3. Stephen Franks blogs on his experiences with ACC reform.
  4. Aaron Bhatnagar blogs in favour of Rodney Hide’s plan to force local Councils to do the equivalent of the Government’s PREFU, or pre-election fiscal update. I agree.
  5. Homepaddock covers the Wanaka “perfect woman” contest. They have to open a bottle of Speights without a bottle opener, change a tyre, back a truck, clear 10 balls from a pool table, sky dive, swing a gate, shear a sheep, shoot clay birds, and hit a target with water from a fire hose. The winner was Melissa Brewster, a helicopter engineer!
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