Rodney on John

Neither Rodney or John will be happy with this story:

Prime Minister has done nothing except bring up the idea of a national cycleway, ACT leader told guests at a party fundraiser in Christchurch. …

Not aware a Press reporter was also at the table, Hide, whose party is a support partner in the National-led Government, said Key “doesn’t do anything” and was highly regarded, while “ACT did everything and we are hated”.

All Key “had done” was the cycleway, Hide said. “It’s amazing.”

I understand the point Rodney was trying to make – the more you do, the more unpopular you can get. But his hyperbole is unfortunate.

To be fair, Rodney also said:

In his speech to yesterday’s function, Hide said “you could not get a better guy to work with” than Key, who had made it clear he wanted all his ministers to have a good relationship with ACT.

“He has been absolutely true to his word,” Hide told guests.

My impression is that the relationship between Rodney and John is very good.  I don’t think John will lose sleep over the comments but Rodney is probably kicking himself for his turn of phrase.

UPDATE: And Rodney has apologised.

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