Best and Worst of Travel

NZPA report:

New Zealanders love to travel, but they don’t want to tip when they get there, according to a new top 10 travel “loves and loathes” list.

The list, released today by House of Travel, is the “best and worst of travel”, retail director Brent Thomas said.

So what are they:

Top 10 things New Zealanders love about travel:

* Your own entertainment system – and starting movies as soon as you board.

Yes this is superb. Makes a big difference. Also the fact the most airlines now have personal entertainment systems in economy class also now.

* Counting down the number of sleeps until you leave.

Not so much for me. It means I am frantic finishing work stuff.

* Standing in front of Big Ben, the Pyramids or Taj Mahal and realising that you’ve made it.


* Getting entrenched in the local customs and culture.

Not sure I get entrenched but I do like experiencing them.

* The blast of heat you feel on arrival for a tropical break.

Yep, so long as not too humid. Hawaii was perfect.

* Copenhagen Airport.

Never been there.

* The super cheap Thai foot massages at Bangkok Airport.

Hell at Akl International they were giving free back massages for a while.

* Not having to make your bed every morning.

Oh yeah.

* Curries, “real pizza”, pastries, ceviche – authentic fresh local cuisine.

After I visited Rome,  couldn’t eat pasta in NZ for some months.

* Getting home and planning your next trip.

Yep, always have one in the works I say.

Top 10 things New Zealanders loathe about travel:

* Passport photos.

Almost as bad as parliamentary ID photos

* Virtually every airport in the country “making some changes”.

I remember the days when it wasn’t a half marathon to go through Auckland International Airport.

* Early morning international flights.

Oh God I had so many on my last trip. Left Dubai at 2 am. Left Iran at 4 am and left Israel at 6 am.

* Having to take your laptop out going through security.

That and most things about the security checks.

* Having to “fight” for the arm rest.

If you have a window seat this is not so bad as you can lean on the window and rest there. But I prefer aisle seats as I like to be able to get in and out without disturbing others. It is a blessing when the centre seat is empty.

* The realisation that you only have one more sleep before you go home.

Nah by the end of a good trip, you are ready for home.

* Hotels and beaches that are nothing like their website pictures.

Beaches normally live up to billing, but some hotels are misleading. But this is why I look at user ratings – rarely wrong.

* The “bad hair days” caused by humid holiday spots.

Ha – not an issue shall we say.

* Unpacking and finding that your toothpaste, moisturiser or shampoo has leaked.

Or shaving cream!

* Tipping – why is that porter just hanging around?

I detest compulsory tipping. I love to tip for good service, but hate being forced to tip.

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