NZ dual nationals exempt from US ban

Stuff reports:

New Zealanders who hold dual nationality with a country on US President ’s blacklist are not restricted to travel to the US if they hold a New Zealand passport and a US visa. 

The US Embassy in Wellington has confirmed the exemption, which was yesterday declared to apply to Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, also applies to New Zealand. 

I think it also applies to more countries than just these.

Dual nationals of Yemen, Libya, and Somalia and a Visa Waiver Program country  – such as New Zealand – may to travel under the waiver programme unless they have travelled to any of the seven countries on or after March 2011.

Any travel to those seven countries in the past five years, would mean those New Zealand citizens would also have to apply for a US visa.

I visited Iran around eight years ago. Will I end up needing a visa also at some stage!

UPDATE: The restrictions quoted above are in fact not new, but been in place since 2015. The ban on citizens from the seven countries is new, but the visa need for those who have visited them is an Obama policy.

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