Ding dong the border is dead

The Government has finally accepted the inevitable, and announced dates for reopening the border. But they have done this twice before, and then reneged, so these should be treated more as aspirational targets than certainties. But for what they are worth, the details are:

  1. 28 February – NZ citizens in can return without MIQ
  2. 13 March – NZ citizens anywhere can return without MIQ
  3. April – Visa holders such as international students and skilled migrants can enter without MIQ
  4. July – citizens from visa-waiver countries such as Australia, US, UK can enter without MIQ
  5. October – anyone eligible to enter and enter without MIQ

Those entering NZ will still need to self-isolate for seven days, and take a RAT on day 1 and on day 6.

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