Blog Bits

  1. Enjoy the Sean Plunket blog. Sadly it is not actually Sean’s blog, but a parody. Still it should be enjoyable.
  2. Jeanette Fitzsimons blogs “The Government’s moves to make the power retail market more competitive are good” which makes me start to doubt them!SHe goes on to say that energy conservation is more important. I do not regard them as being mutually exclusive.
  3. Judy Callingham blogs that the TVNZ charter was a toothless tiger and is best put out of its misery.
  4. Chris Keall solves the mystery of Air NZ cracker-gate, as raised by Roar Prawn.
  5. 12,230 people have joined the Facebook group “I’ve slept with Tiger Woods”
  6. Roar Prawn wonders why Trevor Mallard has taken to yelling out Cactus Kate’s name in Parliament, leading Cactus to declare “I have not had sexual relations with Trevor Mallard“. My view is that is only because Trevor is not married 🙂
  7. Whale Oil blogs on the sad case of Labour’s leper.
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