Threatening to Kill

NZPA report:

A man charged with making threats against politicians has been granted bail again after his arrest for not appearing at a Christchurch District Court session two weeks ago.

Mark Stafford Feary, 53, unemployed, of Oxford, a township inland from Christchurch, faces 14 charges of threatening to kill or cause grievous bodily harm to the Prime Minister, Minister of Police, ACT Party leader, and other politicians. …

Feary represented himself in court and explained that he did not attend on December 18 because he believed the Crown had been required to make submissions seven days before the appearance, so that he could prepare.

The crown papers had arrived only one day before the hearing.

Judge Callaghan told him today that he had to appear anyway, unless his appearance was excused by a judge.

He remanded Feary on bail on condition that he live at a specified Oxford address, report twice a week to the Rangiora police station, not associate with the complainants, and “not send threatening, disturbing, or intimidating correspondence”.

He is also not allowed to possess any firearms.

Now I wonder if this is the same who put out a press release in 2008 saying:

The Fearys have been in dispute with the Crown for nearly 25 years in issues relating to the 1780ha Mt Oxford land block.

If a dispute has gone on for 25 years, that usually indicates something.

Then we have this court ruling:

As regards the costs of the application, the Judge held that costs should lie where they fell. He was minded to reach that conclusion partly because of what he perceived to be the Fearys’ unreasonable conduct in opposing something that could only be of benefit to them.

Hmmn, is this a pattern?

Don’t know the details of the case, but 25 years of litigation, and then sending death threats to MPs suggest he needs destress!

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