Goff on GST

The Press reports:

Labour plans to launch a nationwide bus-campaign protest against the proposed increase.

The Opposition has recorded a slight increase in support in the latest , but National is still well in front as it welcomes poll results as support for a GST rise.

Prime Minister John Key says they show “there is support for an increase in GST where it’s accompanied by a reduction in taxes”.

However, Labour leader was yesterday cautiously optimistic about the new polls indicating he was making up some ground on the National Government.

Hmmn. Two polls were out yesterday. TVNZ had the gap at 20% and TV3 at 26.7% which is an average gap of 23.4%. Their previous polls had gaps of 22% and 24.4% which was an average gap of 23.2%.

So in fact the gap between National and Labour increased by an average 0.2% in the only two polls taken post the GST announcement. Not quite making up ground.

Goff said he planned to take MPs on a bus trip from Auckland to Dunedin during the two-week parliamentary recess.

“Nobody voted for an increase in GST,” Goff said.

That is not true. Phil did. He voted to bring GST in at 10% and he voted to increase it to 12.5%.So does anyone think he is being sincere with his opposition to this increase?

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