Blog Poll Results

The last summary of was in June. These are fun, not scientific. results since then have been:

  1. 62% think Phil Goff will remain Labour Leader until the election
  2. 24% said Brazil would win the FIFA World Cup, 20% Germany, 19% Argentina and only 11% correctly picked Spain
  3. 59% (in June) said they thought the Coalition would win the Australian election
  4. 70% support a ban on smoking in prisons
  5. 75% said Pete Bethune pisses them off more than the Japanese Whalers
  6. 77% support extending the 90 day trial provisions from small employers to all employers
  7. 25% think Carter wrote the letter to the gallery as malicious payback vs Goff for demoting him, 6% think because he genuinely does not think Labour can win under Goff and 69% say both
  8. 54% thought Labour would expel Chris Carter
  9. 51% think KiwiSaver should be made compulsory
  10. 64% blame Allan Hubbard for the collapse of SCF, and 12% each blame the global recession, the cirrent Government and the former Government
  11. 52% approve of the Canterbury Earthquake legislation
  12. 76% oppose Labour’s policy to remove GST off fresh fruit and vegetables
  13. Only 43% think TVNZ did the right thing in accepting Paul Henry’s resignation
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