Lonely Planet rates Wellington top capital

The Chamber of Commerce have announced:

The naming of Wellington as one of the world’s top ten cities will provide a wonderful boost to the city’s reputation and tourism industry according to the Wellington Employers’ Chamber of Commerce.

Lonely Planet has just named Wellington the ‘coolest little capital in the world’ and ranked it the 4th top city in the world to visit in 2011.

“This is a huge tribute coming from such a respected publication.  It is well deserved.  It is also great news in that it will attract significant international interest in Wellington,” said Chamber President Richard Stone.

“Tourism is an increasingly important part of the Wellington economy and this accolade will provide a welcome lift.

20 years ago Wellington was the last place in NZ that most people would want to visit – let alone overseas tourists. The transformation over time has been great, and the Lonely Planet top ten rating is a great tribute. Lonely Planet is a bible for many travellers, and we should see a pick up in tourism on the back of this.

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