Carter right on two fronts?

NZPA report:

Most voters don’t think can win the next election whether or not stays as leader, an opinion poll has shown. …

It asked voters whether Mr Carter was right, and 42 per cent said he was. A further 32 per cent said Labour can’t win no matter who the leader is.

The poll showed 33 per cent of those identifying themselves as Labour supporters didn’t think Mr Goff could win next year’s election and 54 per cent of Green Party supporters had the same view.

So Carter may be right on that point.

But he may also be right on . NZPA also report:

Labour’s veteran Manurewa MP George Hawkins is going to stand for a local board in Auckland’s super city council elections, and if he is successful he won’t seek re-election to Parliament next year. …

Mr Hawkins will be a candidate for the Manurewa local board in the October elections.

So George is jumping before the EPMU evict him from his seat? And George is known as a good mate of Phil Goff’s. Guess who the new candidate will be backing for Leader?

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