2009 World Internet Project

The NZ part of the World Internet Project has released their 2009 survey results. Some interesting stats:

  • 83% of NZers are Internet users, 6% are ex suers and 11% have never used it.
  • 83% of home users are on broadband
  • 93% of users use the Internet at home, 68% at work, 24% at school or uni
  • 6% of Internet users connect through their phone for more than an hour a week
  • Half of all users have been online for less than ten years.
  • Around half the households have more than one computer connected to the Internet
  • Market share is 52% Xtra, 16% -Clear, 9% Slingshot, 9% Vodahug,
  • 60% satisfied with Internet speeds, 23% are not
  • 65% rate the Internet as an important source of information, over TV 55%, newspapers 53%, 44% and 45%
  • More respondents say they use the Internet to visit religious and spiritual sites than say they visit sexual sites. I think respondents may be fibbing about that one, based on known traffic stats!
  • 19% of users read blogs regularly and almost 40% have read a blog sometimes.
  • 48% of users belong to a social networking site
  • Of social networkers, the most frequently used network is Facebook on 75%, and 18% Bebo.
  • 25% of users have made friends online and 56% of them have gone on to meet them
  • 45% support government funding of universal Internet access, and 31% oppose.
  • Asian NZers have highest user rate, with 97% using the Internet
  • 88% of Internet users in main cites are on broadband, and in rural NZ it is 67%
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