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Those like facts and figures will have no end of them in the NZ report as part of the World Project. It is probably the most comprehensive study of NZer’s use of the Internet. Some interesting stats:

  • 79% of NZers use the
  • 15% of users are online for over 20 hours a week (half a fulltime job)
  • 66% of users have broadband
  • 71% of users say the is an important source of information, compared to 52% for newspapers and television
  • 10% of NZ users have a blog (this is a very high figure internationally)
  • 28% of users use Facebook or other social networking sites
  • 25% of users have made friends with someone online and half of those have gone on to meet them in person
  • 15% seek info about political parties or MPs online
  • 43% support Government funding to enable wider access while 34% oppose it
  • Almost 80% of teenagers visit social networking sites, and 40% of those in their 30s do so.
  • Over 30% of Asian users have a blog, compared to under 10% for Pakeha and around 3% for Maori
  • Around 20% of those in their teen or 20s have a blog, and slightly more females than males
  • The more you earn the less likely you are to blog

It will be interesting to see how it has changed in a few years.

UPDATE: Paul Reynolds has a great post on what theimplications of the suvey are for NZ.

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