Shadbolt vs Prentice

The Herald reports:

Singer believes her chances of winning the mayoralty in October are “very good”.

The entertainer announced yesterday morning that she would run against incumbent , mayor for 15 years.

Ms Prentice said she had always been a “proud Southlander”, but in recent times had become “a concerned resident”.

Ms Prentice said Mr Shadbolt’s December bid to oust long-serving deputy mayor Neil Boniface was “only one of the things” which had led to her running for mayor.

Her main focus was “the loss of focus and direction of our council here and also the division which has been created in council”.

I doubt anyone but Prentice could beat Shadbolt.

Shadbolt is a passionate advocate for Invercargill, who has helped put it on the map. But he does not appear to be a good leader of Council, and this has shown.

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