Jones, Carter & Cunliffe

The real winner out of yesterday’s revelations is David Cunliffe. Not only were his records squeaky clean, but he is now clearly the leader in waiting, with having self destructed.

But Jones may not be totally gone. While he is a List MP, it has long been rumoured that George Hawkins will retire from the safe seat at the next election, and George is said to have two preferences for his seat – anyone but Twyford, and Shane Jones as a mate to keep Twyford out.

Manurewa would give Jones a seat for life. It is one of the safest in the country. Will this plan go ahead now?

TV3 reported that was going to demote from the front bench at his upcoming reshuffle, due to his travel and spending. That is little surprise, but it raises the question about whether he will leave Shane Jones on the front bench?

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