Just sack him all the way

is starting to look foolish for his leniency with . Carter won’t apologise or front, and gets rewarded with the major portfolio of Conservation.

Then as it becomes apparent that he is showing no contrition at all, Goff sends him home. He disobeys this and goes into his office to draft a press release which still manages to come across as forced and grudging (because it is).

This is enough to keep him with the conservation portfolio, and he heads off home, despite Phil Goff wanting him to front up to the media.

It is very obvious Chris Carter does not think he did anything wrong. His behaviour has been the opposite of Shane Jones, yet he has not been treated anyway near as harshly.

The Labour whips will finally force Carter at some stage to front up to the media and pretend to be sorry. But it will be a farce. Goff will win kudos if he calls Carter’s bluff and demotes him all the way. Carter will not have any sympathy within Labour, and would be an outcast for all time if he forces a by-election.

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