Fine Dining in Hong Kong

We headed down to the Kowloon waterfront for dinner on Friday night.  Felix was booked up, but a local girl recommended Cucina, and we were not disappointed.

Cucina is on the sixth floor of the Marco Polo Hotel, and has a pretty good view. It is an unusual restaurant in that it has two separate kitchens – an Italian kitchen and a Chinese kitchen.

As we were in Asia, we went Chinese and in fact chose the Chinese set menu. This not only well priced, but was superb food ranging from a giant scallop, to baked crab to wonderful soup, over six courses. I thoroughly recommend it.

Quite a nice view at night. At 8 pm they have a light show, which is in all the tourist brochures. Not really anything that special though – a few of the buildings light up, and one of them has a green laser fire from its roof – but only once every couple of minutes.

Not sure what we will do today (Saturday). The flight leaves at 11 pm to Zurich, and check out is at midday. So hopefully find something to look at in the afternoon that involves air conditioning!

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