London Day 3

On Monday night I popped along to a pub meeting with new UK Conservative MP Steve Baker. Baker was addressing a gathering of the “Progressive Conservatives”, which is the classical liberal group within the Conservatives.

The group was co-founded by my mate Shane Frith, whom I was in Young Nats with. I co-founded the equivalent group in NZ, the Blue Libs. So sort of amusing that we’ve both managed to set up classical liberal groups in two separate countries.

At the function, had a nice ego boost when one of the women there asked if I was David Farrar, and said how much she enjoys reading Kiwiblog. I thought I had finally gone global, until she mentioned she used to work in NZ.

The IYDU Chairman, Tim Dier, also turned up and I got him hooked onto Four square. So blame me for his location updates!

The following night I went to see Les Mis at the West End. I can only describe it as magnificent. No wonder it has been playing for 25 years. The songs are so good I am still singing them to myself a day later, and the cast were real stars.

Javert is the real figure of pity, unable to comprehend why his enemy saved his life.  I loved Gavroche, and his death is one of the few sombre parts of the production.

Wellington has great cultural events, but my God if I lived in London I would be going to shows every few weeks.

If you have never seen Les Misérables, then go do so the next time you are in London. If you don’t enjoy it, you need to seek medical help 🙂

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