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had a college on Friday. I am hoping we will have some significant new blood enter the ranks in 2011, both with a possible increased share of the vote but with some retirements. Rejuvenation is an ongoing process that you need to do at every election, not just the elections when you get booted out.

There are some real stars lining up to be candidates – several of them already well known in their own right. One of them even had a file crew following them about for a special feature on her. Won’t name them all here, as I may offend anyone I accidentally leave out, but I am quite excited by the calibre of those seeking to join the ranks of caucus.

And I do think has made a big blunder by not rejuvenating more. Their only retirements are Lynne Pillay and Pete Hodgson. Maybe they can’t find people to stand? In Invercargill their candidate is Lesley Soper who has stood and lost more times than I have had hot dinners.

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