Silly Young Nationals

The Dom Post reports:

The board of the National Party will be asked to consider expelling one of its young members.

A falling-out among the Young Nats saw , 20, barred – and then reinvited – to the party conference this month.

Now some Auckland members have moved to put a motion before the board asking it to throw out the former northern regional chairwoman.

Young Nats president confirmed a motion would be put before the board at its meeting next month to consider “allegations” against Ms Mellow.

“There are people that have issues with her and they are discussing that with the board and I suppose expulsion could be one possibility. The only organ in the party that has the power to do that is the board. They haven’t been formally approached yet.”

Oh Good God. The Board, I am sure, will tell the aggrieved parties to stop wasting time trying to screw each other over, and instead spend more time on trying to screw Labour over.

Cactus Kate has her say on it here.

I’m just proud then when I was on the Executive, the only person we ever resolved to ask the Board to expel from the Party was the then Hon Winston Peters.

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