Trevor’s deleted post

Trevor has withdrawn this post at as friends of his found it offensive.

The Internet doesn’t like censorship though. So for those wondering the subject line of the post was:

Once a rainbow warrior

And Trevor commented:

Advised not to use the line but I do think the day needs lightening up.

Presumably the Rainbow Caucus didn’t lighten up enough for Trevor.

Trevor’s also deleted comments, including this one from Chris:

If anyone else wrote that comment you would be calling them homophobic and put them in moderation. Still I guess when your on the out the true feelings start coming to the surface.

But Trevor did have support from Loota:

Nothing worse than a bunch of over-sensitive PC mommas boys who can’t take what they give.

An ability to laugh at one’s own quirks and stereotypes is simply gold.

Someone else pointed out a better line might have been “Once was a rainbow warrior”

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