Good to see board competition

Politik reports:

A sign that the National Party membership want to see some changes in the party has come with news that there are now seven candidates seeking four positions on the party’s board.
The clear message is that changing the Leader last year was not enough.
More is needed.

I don’t see this as a bad thing. I think it is healthy to have lots of people wanting to be on the board. National is a party that is pro-competition.

Four of the candidates are sitting members of the board; Andrew Hunt, Alastair Bell, Glenda Hughes and Pat Seymour.
The three new candidates are Grant McCallum, Stefan Sunde and Paul Foster-Bell.

I know all of them. They’re all good people, and it gives the party a healthy choice.

Stefan Sunde, the former President of the Young Nats, told POLITIK that with the nomination process still in play he didn’t want to make any comment.
But party insiders say his pitch to members has been to press his Young Nat background as an asset in focusing on the younger vote which the party now finds a lot harder to attract since Jacinda Ardern took over the Labour leadership.

I’m not endorsing anyone but always good to see a young member stand for the board.

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